La Lanterna Redcliffe

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La Lanterna Redcliffe

Ligurian Traditions

First italian restaurant in Queensland entirely dedicated to the tradition of Ligurian cuisine.

La Lanterna Redcliffe — Restaurant

Traditional Italian Restaurant.

Unusual flavours and dedication in search of the ingredients are the key factors of our history.

La Lanterna is a 40 seats Ligurian italian restaurant, lunch, dinner and take away in Redcliffe – Queensland, Australia. Our friendly and casual enviroment provide a wide range of services for our guest beyond what you would normally expect. A total innovation for the Australian public, a regional Genoese food authenticity, offered in a casual enviroment, open to everyone.

If you are looking for something different, surrounded by a simple and vibrant atmosphere, this is the right place to choose.

A little piece of northern Italy close to you.

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    We offer authentic Italian food! Homemade and delicious!


    Farinata of The Day — $12/23

    Chickpea focaccia! Ask for the flavour of the day.

    La Lanterna — $13/25

    Thin baked cheesy focaccia, sea salt, EVO.

    Pizzata — $14/28

    Thin baked cheesy focaccia, ligurian olive, anchovy, capers, tomato sugo, EVO.

    La Lanterna w/ Garlic — $13/25

    Thin baked cheesy focaccia, sea salt, garlic and EVO.

    La Lanterna w/ Prosciutto — $14/27

    Thin baked cheesy focaccia, sea salt, prosciutto crudo and EVO.

    Cipollata — $13/26

    Thin baked cheesy focaccia, tomato sugo, onions and EVO.

    La Lanterna w/ Pesto — $14/27

    Thin baked cheesy focaccia topped with pesto.

    La Lanterna w/ Salsiccia — $14/28

    Thin baked cheesy focaccia topped with tomato and italian sausage.

    Pizzata - La Lanterna Redcliffe Menu
    La Lanterna Prosciutto - La Lanterna Redcliffe Menu
    La Lanterna w/ Prosciutto
    La Lanterna Pesto - La Lanterna Redcliffe Menu
    La Lanterna w/ Pesto
    La Lanterna Salsiccia - La Lanterna Redcliffe Menu
    La Lanterna w/ Salsiccia


    Marinated Ligurian Olive — $7

    Authentic italian olives.

    Frisceu — $9

    Italian fritter filled with spring onion.

    Savoury Cake of The Day — $15

    Ask our team!

    Antipasto Misto — $19/36

    Two selected salumi, two selected cheeses, genoese focaccia, olives, EVO.

    Cake of the Day - La Lanterna Redcliffe Menu
    Savoury Cake Of The Day
    Antipasto Misto - La Lanterna Redcliffe
    Antipasto Misto


    Maccheroni alla Norcina — $27

    Homemade Maccheroni, Cream, italian sausage, black truffle paste and pepper.

    Trenette al Pesto — $27

    House made trenette, pesto sauce, pecorino cheese.

    Festoni all'Anatra — $28

    House made festoni, duck ragu, parmesan cheese.

    Tagliatelle al Ragù — $26

    House made tagliatelle, beef, pancetta, tomato sauce, parmesan.

    Gnocchi alla Sorrentina — $27

    Handmade gnocchi, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil.

    Pansoti in Salsa di Noci — $28

    Handmade ravioli filled with silverbeet and ricotta cheese, topped with walnut sauce.

    Ceci in Zimino — $26

    Chickpeas soup with silverbeet, served with italian ciabatta bread.

    Trenette al pesto - La Lanterna Redcliffe
    Trenette al Pesto
    Festoni all'Anatra- La Lanterna Redcliffe
    Festoni all'Anatra
    Gnocchi alla Sorrentina - La Lanterna Redcliffe
    Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
    Ceci in Zimino
    Ceci in Zimino


    Pesce alla Ligure — $MP

    Fresh fish of the day ligurian style, cherry tomato, olive, lemon, garlic, herbs.

    Pignatta del Pescatore — $29

    Tomato based fish stew.

    Spezzatino in Umido — $29

    Beef stew with artichokes, potatoes and rosemary, served with genoese focaccia.

    Pollo alla Ligure — $27

    Chicken maryland with taggiasche olives, pinuts, diced tomatoes and rosemary.

    Insalata Mista — $11

    Rocket, cherry tomato, mozzarella pearl, balsamic vinegar.

    Pesce alla Ligure
    Pesce alla Ligure
    Pignatta del Pescatore
    Pignatta del Pescatore


    Affogato — $12

    Vanilla ice cream, espresso coffee.

    Panna Cotta al Cappuccino — $12

    Coffee panna cotta topped with chocolate ganache.

    Millefoglie — $12

    Crunchy puff pastry, custard cream and chocolate.

    Biscottini al Liquore — $12

    Almond paste biscuits served with a shot of "Red Heroin" liqueur.

    Formaggi Misti — $24

    Gorgonzola, asiago, pecorino romano, Genoese.

    Panna Cotta
    Panna Cotta


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    Ligurian traditions

    Culinary delights

    Because of the history, roots and elements that compose it, we can say that the Ligurian culinary tradition is the real Mediterranean cuisine. A poor cuisine, created from country people, mountaineers and sailors, made of simple, common and affordable food, which, however, has become unique, sophisticated and full of ancient glories.

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